Frequently Asked Questions

How often you respond to my messages?

Thanks for asking. I always try to be online except I sleep. I always try to be online and respond to messages as soon as possible typically within a few minutes only. Thank you.

What happens if you commit fraud to me?

Thanks for asking this question. It's impossible to commit fraud being a freelancer under Upwork! Upwork only processes the payment to me after you accept the delivery and release payment to me. So, your money is always safe

How fast you can do the work?

We can do the work very fast because it's teamwork and my team consists of 25 members. Thank you.

Are your votes real and safe?

Yes, 100%. I don't do anything illegal or unethical, it's all about perfect teamwork from a group of expert people through promotional activities. Thank you so much in advance.

How you count your votes if I have multiple sellers at a time?

It's an excellent question. Yes, still we can keep track of our votes and we are used to it! We are honest enough and only focus on long-term relationships rather than cheating once. Let's try us!

Will you provide any Proof of voting?

Yes, of course! I will send you screenshots for the start and finish points of voting. Thank you.

What types of IPs will be used to cast the votes?

You will get all the votes from different people as well as using different devices, so surely from different IPS. Thank you.

Are there any chances to disqualify from the contest?

Thanks for asking. I can confirm that using my service you will neither disqualified from the contest nor get caught by the contest authority. Thank you.

What happens if you do not complete the job after taking my money?

Your money is always safe! In any online payment method you have buyers protection and you easily can dispute. Thank you.

Is it real & safe to buy votes?

You are not buying votes! It's 100% legal promotional work. Yes, all the votes will be 100% REAL & SAFE. Thank you.

Can I buy votes for politics?

No, no. We never promise to deliver votes for election or political issues. We only deliver online contest votes that you are participated and surely not related to politics.

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